Lignomat - Mini Ligno MD (Rating: 5)

I have been using a Lignomat meter for some time now, and I started with the E/D model. It works great, but I needed something that was compatible with remote moisture probes. The mini ligno MD/C model was just the ticket. It is a pin style moisture meter that works by itself as a portable meter, or you can plug it into optional remote wires and probes. The probes are drilled into the core of a lumber sample, and seem to give a true and accurate reading of the moisture content.

The MD/C only reads to full percentage points of moisture content, whereas the E/D reads to tenths of a percent once readings are below 10%. I thought this would be a negative, but now I see it doesn't really matter. If the lumber is dry to 7%, I am happy. It doesn't matter if actual moisture is 6.9 or 7.1, it's still dry.

Watch your fingers as you install the remote probe wires into the meter! You push the leads in directly towards the sharp pins.

I use these for a lumber kiln application, but many woodworkers could benefit from core moisture readings as well. I look for a knot or defect in the board, and drill for the probes near that location. The board will eventually be cut to length at that spot, so I'm not damaging good stock. I trust core readings from the deep probes much more so than shallow pin readings. If you do want to use the pins, make a fresh cut in end grain and check it near the center of the board.

I can highly recommend this meter, especially if you want to add probes and wires at some point.