Bessey - Kliklamps (Rating: 5)

I recently purchased quite a few of these clamps - see my blog

These clamps are available in 200 mm (8") and 250mm (10"), with a 80mm (3") jaw length.

I found the clamps to be more than adequate for light clamping. They are very easy to use especially on smaller items such as boxes, where a light touch may be needed with thinner materials are used, however they are equally at home clamping jigs to the table or machine.

These clamps are very light 310 grams, very strong and cast in magnesium alloy, very tough nylon soft grip jaw pads, very quick and reliable and very, very versatile probably the best lightweight clamp you can buy

I have started to reach for these rather than the larger single handed clamps, which were my favorite for holding things to the bench or drill press.

Well worth the money.