Lie-Nielsen - Shoulder Plane (Rating: 5)

Some tools are just hard to write a review about because there is just not much you can say negatively about them, that is the way it is with the Lie-Nielsen Shoulder Plane. Many might think that a shoulder plane in not a necessity in the shop but I have to say I use mine all the time.

The most common use for myself is trimming tenons. With the blade set flush with the outside edge I can clean out right to the shoulder. The plane also excels at cleaning out dados and rabbits. I have even used my small shoulder plane which is 5/8" to make a dado on a small board when I don't want to get the dado blade out. For a 3/4" dado just use your table saw to cut the outside shoulders and clean out the middle with the shoulder plane.

Like any Lie-Nielsen the plane is ready to use right out of the box. I tried mine out as soon as I could hit the shop and with only minor adjustments had some great shavings. After spending a few moments honing I just couldn't ask for better.

I highly recommend the Lie-Nielsen Shoulder Plane.

Chris Adkins

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