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Lie Nielsen goes direct in Canada.

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Lie-Nielsen will be selling direct to Canadian customers from now on.
They are shipping USPS at present.
That could be a problem with the understaffed Canada customs detachment.

The upside is being able to complete an order on the company website.

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I just love these tools. Very expensive but so worth it. I only have two planes from LN, a 4 and block plane. My next purchase will be the spokeshaves. Great Stuff.
They not extend Cosman's agreement?
It may be tough to squeeze in a "demo guy" and still compete with Lee Valley.
Cosman has a sideline at the shows where he peddles his workshops.
That may not be productive enough for Lie Nielson as having direct sales and dealers perhaps taking a smaller margin than the original deal.

Pure speculation on my part. I really don't know.

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