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Leigh FMT or Festool Domino

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There was a pretty good discussion going on recently about the Festool Domino and the information provided was great. So let me take it a step farther, I would be very interested in your opinions comparing the Leigh FMT and the Festool Domino. I am considering purchasing the Leigh FMT and was looking for your thoughts. By the way, if you are considering purchasing a Leigh FMT, I would do it very quickly. Rumor has it that the price will go up $150 (to $849) on 7/31/09. Also if you purchase it before midnight on 7/31/09, Leigh will send you basically every template and bit they make for it (27 pieces in all) for free. I look forward to your comments.
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I'd have both. :) Don't confuse that with logic, though.
I'd have to say the Domino because you can do more then just mortice and tenon. You can use it to replace your biscuit jointer and be able to assemble cabinets with it, glue up panels, etc.
I have both. They are two different machines. The Domino can make quick and strong joints but falls short in many fine woodworking functions such as through tenons or compond tenons.

Also when you get into more complex joints you will need to result in jigs and the Domino looses its advantage.

The FMT allows you to do some very complex joints but has its limitations as well. First off it is slow if you are doing only a handfull of joints as setup can take some time. If you need to mortis or tenon a very long piece then it can become problematic with the FMT. That said if its a very long piece then it is likly that you may not want to use the Domino as even the largest Domo is only 10mm thick. This would not do for a bed frame.

If you want to hit the ground running then get the Domino. You will be making joints 5 Minutes after you get it home. Not true of the FMT. Lots of setup and adjustments. It was over 2 hours before I could make my first test joint. Then after that I had a few more hours of adjustments and tweaking.

Also consider you will need to have a plunge router attached to the FMT. You can remove the router for normal use but for large complicated projects you may want to deticate a router for this.

The Domino also has great dust collection when paired with a quality ShopVac. The dust collection on the FMT is not very good and you will get saw dust everywhere.

If I were doing it all over again I would get the Domino first. And yes I would still purchase the FMT.

One tool can not replace the other.
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