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Unable to restock the Lumber Rack at the moment..decided to dig through some of the Left over stuff sitting around in the shop....wasn't much all that big, but..
Wood Rectangle Font Hardwood Composite material

Maybe a small box can be in there, least 2 sides..and a Pine bottom...
Rectangle Wood Floor Flooring Font

These might do for the 2 ends, and maybe a lid? As for the last 2...
Rectangle Wood Grass Wood stain Plank

Ash and Pine.....might be a bit too thin? We'll see...

Stay tuned...

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Re-sized a few...
Wood Gas Urban design Motor vehicle Composite material

One for a lid, 2 for the sides, 2 for the ends...and one for a bottom
Motor vehicle Wood Urban design Automotive design Automotive tire

Thinking maybe a box to hold a Stanley No. 80 Scraper hanging around on a nail...
Motor vehicle Nickel Automotive exterior Gas Steel casing pipe

Corner joints?
Wood Automotive exterior Gas Roof Bumper

Need to get back in the shop, and chop up the other corners...
Motor vehicle Watercraft Boat Gas Wood

Doesn't take all that many tools to do...
Automotive parking light Wood Hood Motor vehicle Road surface

Can be either hand sawn, or Bandsawn..
Wood Rectangle Ruler Hardwood Font

Same chisel that does the spacing layouts, also chops out the waste. These will then be used to lay out the matching fingers...
Rectangle Wood Brick Building material Composite material

Then fine tuned during a dry fit...two done. 2 more to do...
Chisel is a 1/4" wide Witherby....

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And...we have a glue up..
Wood Air gun Shotgun Gun accessory Ammunition

took 8 clamps..
Wood Gas Tool Metal Auto part

That spacer in the middle?
Wood Building material Composite material Rectangle Metal

Is to keep the sides from bowing glue needed here..
Meet Mr. Jackson..
Wood Automotive exterior Tool Auto part Bumper

He had a bit of work to do, tonight...
Wood Sculpture Statue Art Metal

Lot of these sort of cuts...then the chisel could take over...
Wood Plant Machine tool Table Machine

The same chisel that did the layouts..
Motor vehicle Wood Bumper Automotive exterior Automotive tire

work from the outsides in to the middle...and adjust the middle to work.

Waiting on glue to dry overnight...stay tuned..

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Clamps came off was then straightened, glue joints cleaned up...ends are square, now..
Wood Gas Composite material Auto part Engineering

Using the panel for the lid to help the the bottom panel is getting glued in place...
Wood Composite material Tool Engineering Auto part

Let this sit overnight...then, clean things up...and see about adding the lid via some hinges?

Stay tuned

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Clamps have been removed...bottom has been trimmed a bit..
Wood Rectangle Table Hardwood Composite material

Glued in place, yet looks like it is floating...
Added a Pine floor for the plane to sit on..
Wood Rectangle Hardwood Publication Lumber

The Stanley No. 80 has a bare, cast iron sole...prefer it to NOT sit on the Ash wood...Keeper was also glued in place..
Rectangle Wood Font Tints and shades Metal

Making sure things fit. Lid was trimmed to size..was a bit rough on one face...we have ways...
Wood Art Metal Plant Motor vehicle

If'n I have to pay $80 for a had better do the job...
Rectangle Wood Wood stain Door Plank

Much better. Was trying to match grain..
Green Wood Grass Hardwood Plank

And decide whether this is the "Front", or, The Back of the case...

Stay tuned...need to get some hinges, a latch..and see about a finish...

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Hinges worked on...
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wheel Wood Gas

Pilot hole bit was a bit too big..
A latch was also installed..
Wood Building Table Bumper Rectangle

Corners of the lid were rounded to match the corners of the box...
Wood Vehicle Gas Composite material Automotive exterior

Double check that the plane still fits...
Wood Rectangle Font Sculpture Art

Close and latch the lid...brush on, and wipe down a coat of Gunstock stain...
Wood Table Rectangle Wood stain Hardwood

And let it sit a day or two...
Table Wood Flooring Floor Wood stain

Tried to get the grain details to line up....
May add the Woodshop's Brand..and see about some Varnish....we'll see..
Stay tuned..
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