Veritas - Scraping Plane (Rating: 5)

I have been using my new scraper plane on oak so far. I am very pleased with how it works. It is definitely the same concept as using a card scraper. It doesn't remove nearly as much wood, nor remove wood as fast as a regular plane. However, for scraping and smoothing surfaces with funky grain, this is great.

I read that others had a difficult time getting this thing to work. Either I'm lucky, or just that good - I had it scraping nice curlies within 5 minutes of unboxing it. Set the frog angle to what looked like about 5 degrees, set the depth to about a sheet of paper (set the toe on a sheet of paper, then dropped blade to my tablesaw top), set the blade bow with about 1/8 turn of the bow knob, and voila! The tool came with no burr. I used it with no burr, then with a burr, and then without again. I had the best results with no burr. Kind of weird, I know. But, the thing works! I am using the stock blade that came with it. (0.055")

The tool's fit and finish: EXCELLENT. I have NEVER held something so finely made. I can't find a flaw anywhere. Its a treat to use. All the machining is very well done. Nothing is loose, the parts are just simply well made. The rear tote fits well in my hand. I like the Veritas-style tote shape. I also like the front knob. It works well for pulling the plane, which I did equally as much as pushing it. I think on other types of planes, a more rounded knob may be better, but this is fine on this one. I've purchased several things from Lee Valley, and have been happy with all of them. This is no exception. Now I've got the itch for the Bevel up Smoother… Sigh… need to drum up some more work to bury that $250 cost in ;-)