Veritas - HSS Lipped Brad-Point Drills (Rating: 5)

I selected three of these - the two-hundred dollars for a complete set in 64's was out of my range.

As other reviewers noted, they are SHARP. Thus, be careful removing the plastic covering they ship with - I cut myself pulling it off the half-inch bit. As well, if you purchase individual bits - as I did - have a case ready fr them or plan on building one to protect them. Don't use them in wood where nails may be present - as I did - for once you screw-up the lips the bit is worthless!

I've tried a variety of Brad Point Bits and nothing found to date can beat these drill bits in woodworking. Get them when you're young if you want to use them enough to pay back the cost and don't have an heir interested in carrying on your work!

Lovely bits. I'm ordering the full set tonight - I deserve it.


Starting with a top-of-the-line American-made twist drill, we reshape and sharpen the tips on a state-of-the-art Swiss CNC grinder. Made from high-speed steel, the bits are not subject to burning, and stay sharp about 10 times as long as carbon steel bits.

The polished flutes give superior chip clearance, and the sharply defined lips have a slight negative rake angle on the lip tips to score the hole perimeter for clean entry and smooth sidewalls. Equally important, these bits are extremely accurate in diameter.

Bits from 5/64" to 3/8" and all metric bits are shanked to size.

Bits from 25/64" to 1/2" have 3/8" dia. shanks and bits from 9/16" to 1" have 1/2" dia. shanks.

All are jobber length bits, with overall lengths varying from 2" with 1" of fluting for the 5/64" bit to 6" with 3-3/4" of fluting for the 1/2" bit. All bits over 1/2" are 6" with 3" of fluting.