Lee Valley - Replacement Plane blade and Chip Breaker set - Stanley plane (Rating: 5)

Well, Lee Valley has done it again…..

After trying for years to get my #4 Smoother working as well as it should, (Always getting close but not quite there) I finally gave up and ordered this Plane Blade and Chip Breaker Set to replace an original cutter and chip breaker in my Stanley #4 smoother. I have previously purchased a Hock replacement blade for my #5 and liked it but they are a little spendy so I set out to see what was available, The Pinnacle blades looked good but seem a little expensive, I studied this Lee Valley iron for a while and noted that it was actually the most affordable of the options currently out there, I ordered it in A2 steel.

Opening the box I found:

A PERFECTLY machined and matched cutter and chip breaker
The cutter was dead flat on the back right out of the box
The chip breaker fit the iron like they were machined from the same piece of steel
It was SHARP right from the box.

I am currently in the middle of a bedroom set made from Cherry and as it would happen I was working down the top of the dresser for flatness after glue-up and cutting the bevels on the lower side of the top panel so it's timing could not have been better.

I honed both the bevel on the iron and the machined portion of the chip breaker on my leather honing block and assembled them into my vintage #4 smoother, headed for the bench and went after it. All I can say is WOW! I should have bought this a long time ago! I have been close, real close, with my original cutter and cap iron but this was absolutely amazing. It cut like a hot knife thru Buutaaahh!

Using my #7 and then this new cutter in the #4 I had my top panel flattened and the bevels cut in no time. I have had it now for just over a month and so far all I have needed to do is head for the leather block once in a while to freshen the cutter and back to work. Definitely 5 stars for Lee Valley on this one.

At $56.00 for the set it was less expensive then either the Hock OR the Pinnacle sets and now my other planes are all going to get new cutters and irons. Thank you Lee Valley! You never fail to impress.