Chicago Electric Power Tools - 120 Volt Circular Saw Blade Sharpener 96687 (Rating: 2)

Haven't seen anybody review this, so I thought I'd give it a go. I posted it on my blog a while back, but nobody reads that. ;-)

I'd been looking at this sharpener for years at HF. Sending my carbide blades out can get expensive so I needed a way to do the work myself. You can only block the teeth with a diamond card so many times…

I picked it up on sale for $59.

When I got it and tried to set it up, I found the instructions accurate but not terribly helpful. So I thought I'd try it out on an old rusty blade that came with an old Rockwell saw I restored a while back. The teeth were rusted and nasty looking. A perfect guinea pig!

The sharpener is VERY fiddly to set up. I'd take more care with a real blade (you can see I cut under the tooth in the pic), but even getting that far took a while. I suppose any sharpener would be that way, but better instructions might help.

The diamond blade is WAY too coarse for a saw blade. As you can see in the pic the grooves are very visible. The tooth is NOT going to cut cleanly like that. If I was using the blade, I'd still have to hit it with a diamond card to get anywhere close to a good cut.

After all that, the thing has been setting unused since. I've listed it on Craigslist for $25 and no takers. Maybe because I can't say it works well in good conscience…