Leatherman - Skeletool CX Multitool (Rating: 5)

I already have a multi-tool (Swiss Army Champion Plus), it's a great tool to be sure, but for me out of the 30 tools in it I only ever use the small blade and once in a blue moon the scissors. It's a "little of everything" tool but not particularly strong in any one of the particular tools.

The allure of the Skeletool for me was:The simplicity, but being strong in what it gives you:
1. On the CX model, the 154CM combo plain/serrated blade is beefy enough to do a job I'd be afraid of snapping the blade on the Swiss Army on, Batman could certainly cut through some tricky situations with this.
2. Solid pliers. Strong enough to extract Joker's teeth, yet nimble enough to pull out his finger/toe nails.
3. Easy to carry because of the Carabiner. The teeny little keyring on the Swiss Army is a joke and it's too bulky to put on a keychain (and if you did it would be a pain to put-on/take-off) or it's clunkin up one of your pockets. Who's got time to be fumbling around skin-tight rubber leotards for tools while doing an interrogation? Not The Bat! The Carabiner makes it nice and easy to just snap the tool to a Batbelt and be ever ready.
4. 2 Phillips, 2 Flathead Screwdrivers. It's a multi-tool within a multi-tool. Sometimes even Alfred needs a hand with stuff around the house.
5. Last, but certainly NOT least…It's SEXY! Pictures don't do this tool justice, you have to see it in person to really appreciate the "oooo ahhhh" factor. Certainly worthy of being in the Batbelt.

Bottom line; It's a well built, solid, versatile tool that keeps it simple.

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