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I have a pretty capable Steel City VS mini lathe with a 10" swing. I have recently developed a strong interest in turning bowls. In that pursuit the 10" swing is pretty limiting. I need some recommendations about a replacement. I see several options that have 12" to 12.5" swing. I cant afford one of the big boys, so outboard capacity or a turning headstock may be out of range. My questions:

Is a midi lathe, i.e. Jet 1221VS, worth the cost given that it only adds 2" more swing, the additional HP notwithstanding?

Do I need to gut it out and lay down the cash for something with outboard capability?

Are the smaller lathes with turnable headstock, i.e. the Jet 1236, a smart option, or underpowered?

Given its limitations, if only for turning bowls, is the HF copy of the Jet 1236 a viable option or begging for trouble?

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