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I have been running a Delta 46-460 for the past 3+ years, and have been quite happy with it. I have turned bowls up to 12" in diameter (blanks cut to near-round on the bandsaw) and vases/hollow forms up to 10" deep.

The Delta currently runs <$700 ($669 on It has a 1hp motor, electronic variable speed, and is reversible. I put an extension bed on mine so I can get up to 42" between centers. Every so often a used 46-460 pop up on CraigsList.

A lot of people have had good luck with the HF 34706, but keep in mind that it has a Reeves drive. They work if properly adjusted and maintained. The HF lathe also has what I would consider a pretty limited speed range (600rpm to 2400 rpm as opposed to the Delta which ranges from 250rpm to 4000rpm).
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