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lathe question....

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I just purchased a one way talon 4 jaw lathe chuck to put on my old craftsman lathe..

Any advice on how to remove this old live center? (Or whatever it's called)

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Just hooked it all up did a couple of practice pieces. Everything is looking good


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Jordan is it a friction fit? Is there a hole on the opposite side of the head for a knockout tool? My Jet has a short bar with a knob on one end for lightly tapping such stuff out with a hammer.
I'm not sure there is a small hole that goes all the way through it.
?maybe a cheapo awl that fits through the visible hole in the drive center? and a little prying?

Edit…congrats on the OneWay chuck!
Take a piece of wood or all thread a go in the hole at the other end of the headstock and pop the drive center out. You will need to give it a good blow with a hammer.
Jordan: look on the opposite side of lathe head. There is probably a hole that goes through the lathe head that allows you to tap the center out from the back of the live center with a steel rod.
I took the pull off the opposite side and it appears to be a solid rod on that side.. going to look at it some more..
Got it! Thanks everyone for the help.. Mr and wahoo had it right.. I it wasn't solid.. knocked it right out..
jordan, that is a spur drive for turning between centers.

The threads on that spindle appear to be 3/4×16 so yo will need the appropriate adapter to match the threading on the chuck.

I have lathe similar to that (a 1939 Dunlap Sears second line after Craftsman) Feel free to PM or email me if you have any more questions.
Does anyone use a washer between the adapter and the head stock?
I have one of those lath. It is missing a nut that once you unscrew, it pushes the center piece out. You have a locking device on the side that needs to be turned and pushed in to lock the pulley in place and stop it from turning.
I have it mounted now. I had already purchased a 3/4 16TPI adapter for the Chuck.
James Mine appears to have a large 1/4 thick washer between the threads and the housing where the pulley is located.. It was on there when i purchased it.
Based on the picture I would say you will want to grind the edges of the spur drive before using. The edges should bite into the wood when struck with a mallet.
I got a 5/16 rod and just slide it through the hole in the shaft. I never tap it with a hammer. I slide it quickly and sharply. I catch the spur in my right hand. I think that puts plenty of force on them without crushing the end of the taper.
I also have a very old Craftsman lathe. Model #103.23070. Do you know what model your lathe is?
I'm not sure what model it is, but i will check and let you know
As Grandpa says, drive a ¼" or 5/16" rod through the tailstock from the back side. It is a #2 morse taper and will pop out. Tapping it gently or moderately will not hurt the piece. You can not put enough force on it to "crush the taper," not to worry.
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I have no idea what ram's I'm working at its on the second to fastest pulley. Turned a couple practice pieces, I have a lot to learn but I'm super excited about my first practice pieces.
This is my first time to ever use a lathe.. never even seen someone use one in person..

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