LaserKerf - saw line (Rating: 4)

Received my LaserKerf today and setup on my Dewalt 705 chop saw. All parts fine. Instructions on small cd and on web site. Special instructions for each supported saw. You need to buy special bracket for each saw per the web site. Good news and some not.

1) Does what is says. So now my 705 has a laser :)
2) Setup fairly easy (except below)
3) Could align perfect to 2×4 and laser fills the kerf perfect.
4) Good X alignment
5) Good roll alignment.
6) Safer. Having that line as anothr visual indicator could probably prevent a dump mistake.
7) Works when saw is off, so you can align wood perfect before turning on blade.

1) Setup. The laser has X adjustment for left and right 1/4" each way of center. So you just need to get close and you can find tune it. Laser also has Roll adjustment, so you plumb the laser with the blade from top to bottom. The pitch is fixed and does not need adjustment. My issue is the Yaw. You need to do this manually and only get one shot to do it perfect first time because the sticky tape is very sticky. Trying to get this angle right bending over a saw needs a steady hand as tiny movements are multiplied.

2) Laser quality. Laser gets a little grainy in spots on mine. Not enouph where you can't see kerf line, but if your expecting a perfect sold red pin strip, that is not what you get. I guess no consumer lasers do.

I was able to get laser to fit kerf perfect on a 2×4. But because (I only figured this out after tape dried) my Yaw was off, the laser did not hold line as wood increased in thickness. At about 3" thick, my laser goes left off actual kerf. I could live with this, as 99% of the time I cut 1 to 2x lumber. But will bug me until I fix it. I asked for a new piece of tape. I could probably find some 3M somewhere also. I could probably also craft my own bracket that would give me yaw adjustment.

In short, nice unit and does what is claims. For added safety alone, I would recommend it. And it does have a high coolness factor and adds some spice to your trusty saw.

$59.00 direct for web site (plus $4 for your bracket) at

[edit] oh, and that is my knotty pine basement I have working on that never seems to get finished…