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laser engraver

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I have access to a laser engraver, I have a question. If I have a picture of a historic building that I shot with my own camera can I decide to put that picture on say a wooden tray with the Laser and then sell the tray I keep hearing about copyright, I take the picture is building copyrighted.


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The picture is yours, the view is public domain as i understand.

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I believe if you took the image you own the intellectual property rights to it, mind you that is here in Canada your laws may be different. I think it would be a frightening country that would copyright a view of a building….
If you took the picture yourself then you have the rights to use the photograph if it's a public space.

Inside private property, it's a little trickier. I don't know if anyone can legally prevent another from using a picture of the inside of their home for example, but common courtesy would dictate that permission be obtained first.

In my work, I often take pictures of church interiors and exteriors. Those open to the public I will post freely about online. With private chapels however, I will ask permission before making use of the images. I do this even if the chapel contains furniture build by my company.
I think your bigger issue will be etching wood. I too use an laser etcher at work. Never had much luck etching wood.
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