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Hi Jim,
You didn't mention which saw you had in the previous thread
(except for the good sized motor - 5HP), so I'm not sure what
weight you are dealing with.

I've sort of short listed 3 bandsaws (wheels 18" to 19,6") with
-cut height above300mm (11,8")
-min blade of 6mm (0,24") - reasonable for contouring
-weight between 165kg (363lbs) and 230kg (507lbs)

initially was interested in a 23,6" wheel saw which had min
blade width of 10mm (0,39") and weighed 295kg (650lbs)
but am worried about the weight / min blade doesn't allow
such fine work and the cost is quite a bit higher - I guess
the smaller saws will be good enough also (until I go pro and
open up a big shop - maybe when I retire ; - dang, I really have
a good feeling about the big saw;) - maybe I change my mind).

Is your saw like the smaller ones I mention ?

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I put my 500 lb bandsaw on a 1 1/2 inch ply (2×3/4") platform with some steel L extrusion around it and used a set of Great Lakes casters which have a retractable rubber foot to stabilize and lock them in place when you use it. The wheels are small but it rolls smoothly on concrete and wood flooring. It would not be suitable for a rough floor however as the wheels are too small. I can roll it with one hand and good stability.
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