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Langsner Inshave

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Drew Langsner designed this inshore specifically for carving chair seats. It was manufactured in Sweden by Hans Karlsson using Swedish Uddeholm steel. Unlike cheaper inshaves which will break under heavy usage, this one designed and built to last. The current price for this item at The Country Workshop (only USA source) is $270 for the inshore and the leather case. This inshore and case are being offered for $175 with free shipping in the USA.

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Hi Bill,
Have you still got your inshave for sale?

I'd PM you but I am new to the forum and havn't even posted 5 times yet. I joined after I saw your post for a gransfors adze and ended up finding a Hans Karlsson one from another forum member. I'm interested in the inshave if you still have it and want to part with it. Let me know. Thanks!
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