Laguna Tools - Fusion 10" Tablesaw 1.75HP 110v 36" rip (Rating: 4)

I've had this saw about a month now. It's a major step up for me being out of woodworking for 20 plus years. Having just built my shop, this is my first major tool purchase second to a dust collector. I'm basically starting all over again.
I did a lot of research, read a lot of reviews etc as others have done. I chose this saw for several reasons.
1. Great reviews on multiple websites.
2. Appears to be good enough for an almost retired hobbiest.
3. Dust collection port on the left side of the saw, beneficial to my dust collection plan and layout.
4. Price

So after a month here's my thoughts so far.

I bought this from my local rockler store. I had every intention on picking it up myself but was worried about the weight damaging my tailgate on my small pickup. Spoke with the store manager about delivery. Because I lived close he offered to deliver. To my surprise, didn't even charge me for delivery. 2 days later it was delivered. Arrived with no damage. Driver placed it in my shop.

I had watched and recommend anyone purchasing this saw to watch the videos for assembly instructions on you tube by laguna. I went step by step, video by video and the assembly was a breeze. Hats off to the makers of the videos. I never had to look at the owners manual once during assembly. I did look at the manual when done just to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Take your time when putting it together. Extra set of hands makes it easy. Make sure everything is dead on before proceeding to the next step. Making a sled was a snap and was perfect on the first try when everything was dialed in.

Now on with the review based on 30 days of experience. It's a very nice saw. All adjustments during the setup were only minimal. It's very smooth, quiet, (85 decibels) fence is smooth, accurate, easy to remove and install.

Drawbacks are….
With a zero clearance insert, dust builds up inside the cabinet rather quickly. The picture above shows the dust inside the cabinet after about 50-100 rips. I will be looking Into a secondary overhead collection. This is the only reason I gave everyone it a 4 star rating. Other than that i'm very pleased with the saw.

Edit…after having this saw for some time now I would add the following. Changing back and forth between dado blades and the saw blade, I ended up taking an 18mm wrench and grinding it to 1/4 inch thick for use on the Inside. The wrenches given are thin and will begin to strip it out if you do frequent blade changes. Then get a 23 mm wrench for the outer nut. You'll be glad you did and make it much easier. ....
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Secondly, I recommend you get a 13mm ratcheting style wrench as seen below…
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Use this to loosen and tighten your bolts to align the table to the blade. There isn't much room to get any other wrench (open or closed end) in the small openings. Found out the hard way by thinking the bolts were tight when they were simply hitting the edge. Ruined my sled when they became loose during a cut. Not all is lost as I can still use the sled for dados and make a new sled.