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Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw Options - Help Please!

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I know similar questions have come up multiple times on this forum. I have read through a lot of these threads.

However, I am hoping we can limit this thread to a simple vote between the two aforementioned saws.

Woodcraft has the Laguna 14-12 for 10% off - with final price of approximately $1,000
Woodcraft will have the Rikon 10-326 for 15% off in march, resulting in a final price of approximately $850.

That's a $150 difference between the two saws, but I'm not sweating. I am more interested in buying the better saw

Please note these are the ONLY two saws I'm considering. So with all due respect to other brands (Grizzly, Jet, Delta, etc., etc.), I would likely to kindly request fellow forum members to simply vote which between the two aforementioned saws would you choose.

Thanks in advance.

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Hey D, any final decision yet? I have been agonizing over the same choices as you for quite some time. Especially with the Rikon sale approaching. While I have no personal experience to speak of with Rikon, based on research it does appear Rikon has stepped up their game with the 326 vs. 325. It sounds like customer service for Rikon gets a passing grade based on reviews and Laguna has steadily improved in that department as well. I don't have personal experience with either. An interesting comparison on ceramic guides is CWI Stallion bandsaws. They talk about dovetail attachments vs. glued in guides. Not sure if that means anything to you, but interesting nonetheless.

I am intrigued by the Rikons tool-less adjustments. I fell into the trap of not changing bandsaw blades as often as I should have because the guides on my Grizzly were time consuming. Nothing particular tricky, but when it's tough to balance life with shop time on the weekends, anything that saves time I'm all for. I have been leaning towards the Rikon for some time now and am looking for that final push:)

Let us know if you have decided.
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Minnesotawood, your concern on the Rikon 10-326 fence is no longer a concern. The saw ships with an instruction addendum and a reconfigured HDPE add-on on the fence bottom at the far end of the fence away from the rail. I have not spent enough time with the saw to offer a valid revue other than I have not had any issues or regrets in the 2 months since I have purchased it. Adjustability of fence, table and guides are all simple and accurate. So far, so good.
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