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I've been going back and forth myself. I had picked the Rikon and I even went into Woodcraft to buy one on the last day of this most recent sale and someone had gotten it 20 minutes before me. So I started comparing the Rikon 10-324 to the Laguna 14BX. It wasn't even close. The sales guys said go with the Rikon as they sell more, but I really wanted that foot brake so I think I might get the BX after saving more. I went in today and chatted with my sales guy I know well. He said they use the Laguna in the back and everyone loves it. The thing that kind of bugs me about the Rikon is that fence and how it hits the miter slot when you move it. You have to lift it up. I know..stupid thing, but there is something about a smooth gliding fence. Keep saving is what my plan is.
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