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Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw Options - Help Please!

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I know similar questions have come up multiple times on this forum. I have read through a lot of these threads.

However, I am hoping we can limit this thread to a simple vote between the two aforementioned saws.

Woodcraft has the Laguna 14-12 for 10% off - with final price of approximately $1,000
Woodcraft will have the Rikon 10-326 for 15% off in march, resulting in a final price of approximately $850.

That's a $150 difference between the two saws, but I'm not sweating. I am more interested in buying the better saw

Please note these are the ONLY two saws I'm considering. So with all due respect to other brands (Grizzly, Jet, Delta, etc., etc.), I would likely to kindly request fellow forum members to simply vote which between the two aforementioned saws would you choose.

Thanks in advance.

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I know this is an old thread, but I'm having this same basic internal debate.

Whether to wait and get the Rikon 10-326 when they have a sell or to get the Laguna 14/12 while Rocker is having a 10% of Laguna Tools sale.

Decisions, decisions…..

Is the Laguna worth $150 more than the Rikon? By the time I get the mobile base, the Laguna would actually be more like $300 more.
Now the Grizzly G0513ANV - 17", 2 HP bandsaw is one sale for $100 off. The shipping is $109, but the total would only be $934. Where does this Grizzly stand in comparison to the 2 bandsaws previously discussed?
Saw the Laguna today in a Rockler store, next to a Jet and a Powermatic. The Laguna was the only one that seemed to have a good bit of plastic on it, especially the guide bearings. I take from the positive reviews that there are no issues with this for anyone with the Laguna 14/12?

Ceramic guides?
Finally decided and ordered the Laguna 14/12 2 days ago. With the 10% off I got it, the mobile base and with shipping and it was a tad under $1,200.
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