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Laguna 14/12 vs Rikon 10-326 Bandsaw Options - Help Please!

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I know similar questions have come up multiple times on this forum. I have read through a lot of these threads.

However, I am hoping we can limit this thread to a simple vote between the two aforementioned saws.

Woodcraft has the Laguna 14-12 for 10% off - with final price of approximately $1,000
Woodcraft will have the Rikon 10-326 for 15% off in march, resulting in a final price of approximately $850.

That's a $150 difference between the two saws, but I'm not sweating. I am more interested in buying the better saw

Please note these are the ONLY two saws I'm considering. So with all due respect to other brands (Grizzly, Jet, Delta, etc., etc.), I would likely to kindly request fellow forum members to simply vote which between the two aforementioned saws would you choose.

Thanks in advance.

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I was also trying to decide between these two and a "brand new, made one cut" 14/12 popped up on Craigslist last weekend for $700.
That made the decision a little easier! It was actually brand new and is my shop now
So far I'm really impressed with it. I went ahead and converted it to 240v as I didn't have a dedicated 120v circuit where I wanted it. I've resawn several logs and cut a 20" circle out of 3/4" oak, so far it's been flawless after a careful setup
1 - 1 of 63 Posts
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