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I have had my RIKON 10-325 14in for 7yr and counting. After an initial learning curve, I eventually fell in like with this RIKON. Had some frustrations with the upper and lower rollers, along with my learning curve. That said, I have no problems with my Rikon, though I would like to see that new "tool-less" roller adjusting mechanism. Sounds great.

And just like Wilt191, I too have fallen into the trap of leaving my 3/4in re-saw blade mounted all-of-the-time… 8-( Because of that, I am now considering picking up the 10in RIKON 10-305 for doing curves and smaller stuff. I have switched out my BS blades on projects, but as soon as I do, I find that I need to go back and re-saw something else before continuing! Hence, I have been putting off "other" projects for the above bad habit… 8^(

I also have an old 16in Delta Scroll Saw, but that just does not cover the deficit…

My vote is for having TWO (2) bandsaws!
One for re-saw and one for curves/detail work. After all, my 14in BS has more than paid for itself in re-sawing 8/4 and 12/4 lumber. In other words it has earned it's keep.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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