Laguna Tools - 14/12 "14 Twelve" Bandsaw (Rating: 5)

For some reason I'm not bright enough to figure out how to add a second episode on a blog so I'll just post this separately.

Youtube review

Well, finally got around to opening and assembling today. Can't really say I had any issues. After watching and reading everything on this saw for months I knew what documented issues I had seen so I was on the lookout. I saw none of them.

Here was the process.
1. Assemble while following the Laguna videos. (Per a video I saw I loosened by 1/2 turn the two horizontal bolts that the upper wheel slides on and I replaced the plastic stock insert that slides into the lower cabinet with a zero clearance insert for better dust collection.) My dust collection is powered by Shop Vac. There was virtually no dust in the base.

Using both the 3/4" Resaw King and their 1/2" blade it ripped and re-sawed perfectly with zero adjustment for drift. So basically, the saw was fine right out of the box. End of story. Blade changes were quick and easy. De-tension, swap blade, re-tension, zero drift!

As far as customer service goes, I called them because the motor pulley in my saw is perfect for another project so I called to order it. I mentioned how much I loved the saw. The rep said he was glad I was a happy customer and he was sending me another Resaw King at no charge. Could not be happier.

What I learned is that Snodgrass is right, but with a caveat. There is no drift…..As long as you have a good saw, which he always does in his vids.