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I had a DW7491RS jobsite saw that needed one small e-clip to repair the riving knife attachment assembly. I am fortunate to have a DeWalt Service center close to home, so I took my saw in for repair. The service center folks entered the saw information into their system, and it came back saying the saw was eligible for a warranty replacement. Now other than needing a small part for a repair, my old saw was used, less than a year old, but still in pretty good shape. But, I figured replacement with a new saw at no cost to me was an offer worth taking. Less than one week later, the replacement saw is delivered to my doorstep. As an unexpected bonus, DeWalt has upgraded the flimsy miter guage that came with the original saw to a much more sturdy one. There is still a bit of side to side slop, but this miter guage is waaaaay better than the original. Overall I would say I am quite satisfied with how the repair to my old saw was handled. Thank you, DeWalt.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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