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Krenov Style Apron Planes

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The line up of the next batch of apron planes with 1" Hock blades. Sorry for the poor photos. After this batch is sold I'll invest in a better phone/ camera for taking photos.

If your interested in reserving one please send me a message for details on how to do so. $135.00 includes priority shipping. They will ship out 1st week of May or so. Sides for this batch are Cocobolo, Bubinga & Rosewood, the bodies are Gaboon Ebony. Hybrid wedge pins for this batch will receive brass rod and the wedges will be Gaboon Ebony.

The all Gaboon Ebony version is also available as a special order, $140.00.

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Weekend Bump.
The planes in batch two are all spoken for. Batch three will start the second week of May or so if anyone is interested. In the third batch there will be four Rosewood body planes with Ebony sides available. I think these will look great! If your interested in reserving a plane from batch three please send me a note. Thank you to those of you that have ordered planes! It's great to be back in Timberwerks Studio making things again! I can only be there nights and weekends for now and I sure look forward to that time.
This morning I have a bit of time to work on the hybrid pins before we get ready and go for a mother's day get together. So, what's your opinion on pin rod choice, aluminum or brass? I do like the contemporary look of the aluminum pin on the all Ebony planes but the brass is a much nicer material. Brass will be used with the Cocobolo, Rosewood and Curly Maple sided planes but now I'm thinking brass on the all Ebony is probably more fitting.

Either way I'll probably go with the brass on all planes from now on because it ties together the overall high quality and looks.


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I think brass is the only way to go. But I'm very much a traditionalist.
I think brass is the only way to go. But I m very much a traditionalist.

- RobSC
Yeah i think brass looks more "classic", whereas aluminum looks more "techy" like the Bridge City Tools planes of the future.
Thanks for the replies!

A little bit of an update. I used brass rod on all the planes and I'm very pleased with how they look. The Ebony wedges are rough cut and now it's time to enter the fit & finish stage.

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I'm taking orders for batch 3 if anyone is interested. This batch will begin Memorial day weekend and ship at the end of June or so.
One last update until next weekend when I'll have photos of the finished planes. Now the focus is on prepping the Hock blades, fit the wedges and apply the finish. This batch will start shipping next weekend. Batch three, a total of six will start Memorial Day Weekend. Two of the six are already reserved.

Thanks again guys!

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Well, I finally made it to the finish line with batch two. Now to wait a few days for finish to cure before final buffing and they'll be ready to ship out Saturday. This batch turned out great and really look fantastic! It's tough to tell from the photos but there is a plane in the group that has the Ebony body & Rosewood sides. This one has such a nice look to it in person.
Batch three will start soon. Two of the planes from this batch are reserved and the others will be put up for sale once they are done.

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Riftsawn Bocote sides now available as well for batch three. $150.00 includes a 1" Hock Blade & USPS priority shipping to address in contiguous USA. Build time for batch three, eight planes total will be approximately 8 weeks.
Here are the finished planes from batch 2.

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