Kreg - KRS1035 - Multi-Purpose Shop Stand (20in x 28in) (Rating: 5)

Really nice quality. Heavy-gauge steel, well designed, precise manufacturing, sturdy, excellent powder coat. Went together exactly as the instructions stated, without any "goofy" issues or the use of a hammer (unlike may cheaper brands). Expensive, but worth it. No comparison to the cheaper competitor products.

One note: This comes with serrated flange nuts for the carriage bolts, but I dislike them. I replaced them all with washers, lock washers and normal nuts.

I was leery about spending twice as much as the cheaper brands, but once I opened the box and started assembling I knew I made the right decision. Nothing like having all the holes line up the first time (without a whole bunch of slop!).

I'm going to mount an angle iron frame to the top, then make plywood inserts for 3 different tools (2 saws and a sander). I'll mount the inserts to the tools, then swap them out of the multi-purpose stand as needed.