Kreg - bandsaw fence (Rating: 4)

Among Kreg's many useful accessories is their bandsaw fence. This fence system has the precision to make thin strips for veneering, edge banding, or oval boxes, as well as doing general resawing. One of the test strips shown above is 2" x 30" and is an incredibly uniform .014 thousandths thick.

It's easy to compensate for blade drift and the rip scale is also a handy feature. Kreg makes this fence for many popular bandsaws. Additional and optional accessories include a micro adjuster and a resaw guide that attaches to the fence for those who wish to "freehand" their resaws. You may or may not need or want these items.

It is rather expensive, and for those who have small shops and must "tuck" their bandsaw into a small space, the addition of the fence will require more space.