Power Adhesives - Knot-Tec Light Industrial Wood Repair Kit (Rating: 5)

I actually bought this kit to repair some marks we had in our hardwoods and it worked like a charm. I love having hardwood floors, but we have the tendency to drop things every now and again. The Knot-Tec kit made filling in the dents and scratches in our floor easy. One of my friends bought the Professional Kit and uses it for filling in knots in his homemade furniture pieces. I am hoping to get some pointers from him in the furniture building realm eventually.

The kit comes with everything you need for knot and wood repair projects. It includes 2 different formulas of the Polyamide Hot Melt. The 2 formulas are Knot-Tec 7713 and Knot-Tec 7718. The kit gives you 12 sticks of each formula in a variety of colors. I grabbed the stick I thought would match our floors best, luckily I picked the right one-it ended up blending right in. You can buy additional sticks in the specific colors you need, they come in amber, beige, black, cola, cream, and oak. The kit also consists of 2 metal heatsink blocks, a silicon release mat, a mouseplane (it's a fancy razor blade you use to remove excess).

I ordered mine from Hotmelt.com, but you might be able to find it somewhere else too.
They have the Knot-Tec Light Industrial Kit (That's the one I got) and they have Knot-Tec Professional Wood Repair Kit. The big difference between the two kits is the glue gun-the professional one has a better glue gun with it.


I found this video on Youtube it shows exactly how to use it.