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Kitchen Pantry Help!

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Hi all,

I'm stuck on a project that's taken too long and the wife is getting anxious!

We're re-doing our kitchen, and the last major piece is the pantry. It's 24" deep and about 6' tall. This is where I'm stuck. The carcass is built, but what I want to do is install adjustable slide out shelves/drawers inside. Does anyone know of a good system for doing this? Have any of you tried this?

The next question, which I think depends on the answer to the first, is how to trim out the front of the pantry to cover the plywood. The rest of the cabinets in the kitchen use a 2"(?) wide face frame, but I was thinking of of using 3/4" birch to make it Euro style and gain some more width for the shelves. Any thoughts on either approach?

Thanks for your help!
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Your idea of making the euro style will add a little more space to the cabinets. Do you think it will look alright with the other cabinets?

I recently redid our factory made pantry by adding roll out shelves- not adjustable, however. Ours was the older face frame style so I trimmed out the space between the sides and the edge of the face frame then mounted the slide out hardware. The shelves were converted into drawers. I used the same spacing between the drawers that was used by the previous shelves because we were used to putting large/small stuff in certain locations.

Here is a link to a really great hardware supplier. Stuff is very reasonable and delivery is quick.
Check out Rockler, as they have some great "packages" available.
Hey Kaline
Your kind of going in reverse you usally determine the type of shelving unit you want and build to suit.
Here's a link to tons of hardware .
Jim is right on this one. Louis and Company is a great place for any hardware needs that you have. I haven't done this before but I imagine you could drill adjustable shelf holes in each side, make a side piece that will slip onto the adjustable shelf pins, mount a fixed shelf to the sides, or slide one in as shown, and mount the runners to those.

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