Bridge City Tool Works - KM-1 Kerfmaker (Rating: 5)

My wife surprised me with this last night. Hey, I deserved it. That snowblower doesn't steer itself :)

What it does: (see link. it explains it better than I can)

Here's another review showing what it does:

I knew it would be small so I wasn't surprised there. I immediately went to loosen the thumb screws and mess around with it, but I couldn't get the silver one loose. About 5 minutes later I got it to give. You can Easily over tighten these. I think that possibly a finer thread could have been used. Although that may lead to easily over tightening as well. Other than that, the fit and finish of this little guy is superior. It's one high end looking little tool.

I had thought about making my own like many others have. It would have taken a decent amount of time to get it perfect, but taking a long time on a project wasn't new to me. I had even ordered some little thumb wheels a while ago. I decided to not make it and desire one from Bridge City because it's ultimately not a bad price for something so useful, it's going to last a very long time, looks beautiful and it gives credit where credit is due.

This is going to come in handy so many times.