Sams Club - Chefs White Bib Apron - 6 pack Item #: 865327 (Rating: 4)

Like most of you guys and gals, when I get a chance to run out into the shop off I skedaddle. If I do think ahead I change into my grubby jeans and tee shirt, if I don't think ahead I start working in whatever good clothes I'm wearing. And probably like most of you when my hands get dirty, or if I get glue on my fingers, or finish, or whatever, I just wipe them on my jeans, or shirt tail, whatever piece of cloth that is handy.

Not Anymore !!! No more tracking glue and shaving back into the house!! How you say!! How can it be that I keep my clean clothes clean and have stopped tracking saw dust, glue, shavings, varnish, and whatever else back into the house!!

Listen close, I'm about to tell you …. I've started wearing an apron in the shop. Not just any apron. I've started wearing a CHEAP apron. Not some fancy heavy canvas duck apron, or some special workshop apron, no sir, I'm using the cheapest bottom of the line 6 for 12 dollars polyester aprons from Sams Club.

Why these cheap junky aprons?? Why not some fancy expensive special woodworking apron? Why, because they are cheap. If I ruin one, well I'm out 2 dollars, not 45 dollars. I don't mind wiping glue all over it, or varnish, or whatever. I get six in a pack so when one is dirty I have 5 more to work through. I can have some in the wash and still have some for the shop. Or I can just throw them away if they get too funky.

I recommend them, get a pack and hang all 6 on a hook near the door to your shop. Wear one for a couple of sessions and see how dirty it gets. Wood dust, shop dirt, this, that, and other nasty stuff. And then take it off as you head back in the house. Your significant other will thank you.