Kawasaki - 99 piece drill bit set (Rating: 1)

Hello LJs,

I saw this Kawasaki Titanium Coated 99 piece set of drill bits a Costco for $19.99. Kawasaki? Drill bits? I knew they made motorcycles, but drill bits? Then I thought they must be good drills if Kawasaki made them. After all, my nephew rode their bikes to a national championship in Hound n' Hare cross country desert racing on The Green Team ;-)) But I was still a bit leery. Costco doesn't sell garbage, but $19.99 for 99 drill bits? There are a lot of small replacement for commonly broken sizes like 1/8, 3/16…… I bought them.

I had occasion to start using them when I discovered my 8-32 tap drill was missing. I chose one that was just under the screw size and started to drill the back of an electrical box. Nothing happened. I used quite a bit of pressure to finally get a hole. I broke 2 getting 4 holes drilled. My hand sharpening of old high speed twist drills cut better than those.

I think they would force their way through wood, but not cut cleanly. These drills are worthless, IMO. I have been using drill bits for over 40 years in the trade.