Karcher - DDC 50 Drill Dust Catcher (Rating: 5)

Boys and Girls, I purchased this gizmo about 4 years before joining LJ, so don't go looking for my review or chastise me for not writing up that missing review… at least NOT a verbal chastisement….
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Without prior consultation with the owner of my workshop, I hung it on the wall,
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just short of a convenient reachable position and was too bloody lazy to grab a step ladder to climb up and retrieve it for those odd drill jobs… it was far easier to direct the missus to clean up… and after her refusal and a complimentary slap on the back of the head, go searching for the house vacuum cleaner myself.

Last month, before our 6.2th (hurty) C19 lockdown here in Victoria, I had my laser serviced and was promptly informed that if I had a fire, my powder based fire extinguisher,
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would inflict more damage to the machine than any fire could.
Intimidated by that threat to my beloved laser, "Internetted" a purchase of a 2kg CO2 fire extinguisher… (no, that's not being reviewed here)… and decided to mount it on a brick wall.

Remembering my last experience with brick drilling and subsequent clean up, which managed to get emblazoned on my brain, in an area that alcohol could not obliterate, recalled the arduous task of rejuvenating the missus's modern mode of transport, the electrified broom … (and the follow up cleaning the cleaner ). Oh-oh… that revelation is gonna hurt if she reads this.
So I reached for the ladder, scaled it, straddled the workbench and carefully descended with the gizmo in hand. After all the preliminary measuring, SketchUps, quality control, insurance verification, safety harness and appropriate PPE, I drilled the holes to mount the mount after mounting the gizmo in an incestuous way onto my drill bit.

The new fire extinguisher mounted,
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and the resultant mess below,
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WOT!... Didn't see any?... that's cause it's all here,
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and that was only from 3 of 6.5mm x 30mm deep holes. Would have done a right old sanding job on the Dyson.

While I was on a roll, I compromised in putting another CO2 extinguisher at the other end of the house… I decided to put it directly outside the bedroom,
Fixture Fire extinguisher Floor Flooring Handle

just in case the missus thought I was just too HOT!

If you look closely at gallery picture #2 (or you can look closely below)...
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the unit is fitted with a rubber skirt underneath to vacuum attach to a smooth wall… not much chop for bricks, but on smooth wall and ceilings it will self attach and does not need to be supported.

Keep safe, jocks... and your jocks, safe!