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Kakuri Chisels

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I received a set of 5 Kakuri Chisels
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as a parting gift from the employees of the company I've managed for the past 4 years.

Based on what I found on their site they have oak handles and appear to be good quality. I say that although I've never used anything but my Narex flat chisels.

I see that they are wood "carving" chisels, something I've not done is carving.
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So , I'm reaching out to see what suggestions anyone has for getting started in carving. Books, videos, etc.

Also, are there special jigs etc for sharpening.
I think it might be fun to embellish some pieces with carved features, especially now that I have these chisels.

I appreciate all advice.



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The best way I think to get started on wood carving is to join a group. One guy leading to help as needed.
I once belonged to group that met at a Rockler store.
I've not used Japanese carving chisels. My experience with my own personal set is once I get the bevel set and they are cutting good I use a buffing wheel to keep them cutting. No stoning or grinding
Good Luck
Thanks Aj. There are no Rockler or Woodcraft stores anywhere close but I'll search out community woodworking groups.
I really like Mary May's online school. If you create a free account here you can access quite a few videos, including how to sharpen carving gouges and some basic projects. Then if you decide you like it, you can continue on and pay, or find something else, or realize its not for you and you won't be out anymore money.
I don't think that 'carving' means what you think it does (or what the nice folks over at Kakuri think it does).

They look more like regular Japanese bench chisels. But, I am not an expert by any stretch!

I do own a bunch of Japanese chisels. My wife bought me a lot of them off eBay a couple of Christmases ago. I love them and use them constantly.

I have also purchased a couple of Kakuri tools since, a hand plane and a hammer have become instant favorites. The hammer is well balanced and lovely to use. The flat and slightly domed faces are incredibly useful and it is the first hammer I reach for these days, for any task. The plane is lovely to use as well, and I am learning to really make it work for me. I am pleased with the Kakuri tools and think they are decent quality.
It says more about you. Hope you enjoy them.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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