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Just ordered an Infinity 40T Super General table saw blade to replace an aging Forrest Woodworker II

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I've been a Forrest WWII user for many years. After sending my trusty blade for sharpening three times I am ready for something new and shiny. I did a lot of research including on Lumberjocks and settled on an Infinity blade, the blue one. Although I have dedicated cross cut and glue line rip blades, I am too lazy to change blades between rips and crosscuts so I wanted another really good combo blade. I thought about getting another Forrest WWII but I wanted something new. This way I can compare the performance I got from my trusty WWII blade and the Infinity. Plus, the Infinity is blue. Yeah. Infinity had me at blue. :)
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I'll be interested in your opinion of it after you try it out.
Please keep us updated on your new blade. I've been looking at both blades you talked about. It gets expensive when you try 3 or 4 different blades.
Looks like a nice blade. I would like it better if it had flat top teeth.
I've used both quite a bit. Both are really nice general purpose blades. My experience has been that the Infinity is the cleanest cutting of all the 40T or 50T general purpose combo blades I've tried, which is most. It's pretty tough to tell the difference in performance between the 40T WWII, Ridge Carbide TS2000, and Tenryu Gold Medal…all very close, but I can spot cuts made by the Super General from the high degree of polish it puts on the edges of cuts. It's got very tight side clearance and is a bit more sensitive about the setup of the saw and the wood being flat, etc., but the potential for excellence is there. Keep it clean. I think you'll find that the Super General has less tearout, so makes cleaner crosscuts and cuts in plywood, sheetgoods, etc. The WWII is a bit more efficient at thicker ripping, but the Super General tends to leave a more polished edge. You may find that the SG does a little better with rip cuts with the blade raised slightly higher. The blue coating helps prevent rust….I can't recall how old my SG is, but it still looks new while other blades suffer from effects of oxidation over time. Enjoy!

Looks like a nice blade. I would like it better if it had flat top teeth.

- JeffP
Flat top teeth would kill it's outstanding crosscut and plywood performance. There's never a free lunch!
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I too will be interesred as I need a new blade.

I had looked at the Freud Premier Fusion but decided against it due to comments from a few about burn marks. I think the side clearance on the blade was too tight. Now, they have the "Next Generation" of that blade and wonder how it will perform.

Please let us know the results and post a review.
I have had mine for almost a year now and just love it. Their new resaw bandsaw blade is awesome also.
I've been visiting this site for reviews for quite some time, and thanks for helping make some educated purchases. I dinally decided to join this morning as i had some questions, not sure how king it will take for my forum post to go through, but I'm sure i will get great opinions when it does. Im currently using a wwll blade as well, and was curious of how they stacked up to others. Thanks again for unknowingly answering my curiousity.
I bought on about 2 weeks ago to cut 8/4 Maple & Cherry. It burned every piece I tried to cut. I have been using a Marples 40 tooth blade and it did quite well without burning.
I called Infinity and will be sending the blade back tomorrow. He said my saw may be off a little and these blades need perfect alignment.
I have measured the alignment 3 times and am at .0025 and told him that. That to me is almost perfect.
He told me to send the blade back and they will replace it with there other combo blade, but not the super general.

I will see what they actually will do for me.

I have never spent $120 on a saw blade and am very disappointed with this blade, despite the great reviews.

I had thought about getting a Woodworker II instead of the Infinity.
My initial impressions are very positive. The blade excels at cross cutting even 8/4 maple and walnut. I got some burning initially when ripping 8/4 maple but I tweaked my boesemeyer and I am getting event results. This blade is amazing on 3/4 thickness. It polishes the wood on 3/4 rips. Eliminates chip out on cross cuts. Also virtually chip free on plywood. It is a high atb grind. The bat ears are quite pronounced compared to the Forrest WW 2. It is very quiet. I think the Forrest WW2 is more versatile across various thicknesses but if you are like me and use 3/4 or less then this blade is fantastic. I have a dedicated Freud rip blade so I don't plan to use it to rip thicker materials. I also tried it without a stabilizer and it performed just as well as with the stabilizer. My WW2 always required the stabilizer. And it is blue so it accessories with all my outfits. :)
I have tried a Freud rip blade, Guhdo Max combination blade, and Forrest WWII blade and the WWII works best for me. Have not tried the Infinity brand. I found that the WWII out performed the others I have tried. I recently had it re-sharpened it cuts through 2" thick oak like butter. I do not use a stabilizer. The Guhdo is almost as good as the WWII and cheaper. To me the Forrest blade is the best and I purchased a 12" blade for my miter saw.
After using the blade for a month my impressions have turned negative. This blade simply burns wood on rip cuts. I suspect because of its grind pattern that it is just too fussy with set up. I checked my table saw settings and it is well within tolerances. I would not recommend this blade. It is an excellent blade for cross cutting leaving a nicely polished edge but I already have an dedicated cross cut blade. I would not recommend this blade for ripping so it is a fail when it comes to general purpose use. I am going back to the Forrest WWII.
I feel like I am seeing many more burning comments on forums than I have ever seen before, at least ones not linked back to set up. I have and use WWII (40 and 48T), Super General, Tenryu Gold Medal and both generations of the Freud Fusion and outside of some rare burning in highly burn prone species I have no issues with any of the blades. I am actually baffled by all the issues.
Since my earlier comment, Infinity sent me a different blade to try and refunded me the cost difference. I haven't had a chance to cut anything with it, but they want me to give them a report when I start using it.
If I can get a nice rip cut with it, I'll be happy. I will still probably try a WWII, but not till I wear out some of my current blades. I still am using the Marples 40T blade for ripping, and I have to say that it is working very well on rip and crosscuts and has stayed very sharp.
When they got the Infinity blade back, they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. They simply said my saw needed to be aligned better. At .025, I can't see how much better it could be aligned.
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