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just doing some lifting...

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Saw is a Tannewitz JS bought pretty cheap at auction. Fortunately the motor
appears to have been reconditioned, perhaps rewound in the last 30 years or so.
Saw is bombproof but missing some parts that will be impossible to find,
so I'll have to make replacements.

Machine is about 2000lb., though I've removed the sliding table parts here
which probably weigh a couple hundred.

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I looked at an old American Saw Mfg. saw not too long ago that was close in size to that, just not a slider. It took a 16" blade which just about turns it into a sawmill. Probably overkill for what I need, combined with the ever shrinking space in my shop I declined, but man what a saw!
Do you repair these and sell them?
I'm thinking Loren loves a challenge. Keep us posted on this one.
Darn Loren! That's some machinery there. Would love to see some videos of the machines you have
I am a little machine crazy but I don't really intend to
acquire anything else nearly this heavy for awhile. The
only reason I even considered messing with it is
the sliding carriage.

I've been looking for something with a smaller rip capacity
than the 52" rip capacity saw I presently use. The
Tanny presented itself and I took the bait. I've
never used a saw in this class and I don't know if it's
going to be really all that much better than a regular
cabinet saw or not. We'll see, but I've read that rip
cuts can come out exceptionally clean due to the
direct drive arbor.

I don't really fix up machines to sell, but I do buy
machines in lots here and there and sell off the ones
I don't need. Among the problems with restoring
heavy machines like this for resale is they are a
pain to move and moving them can get costly, they
need to be stored until the right buyer shows up,
and so forth.

"Restoring" this machine is not really feasible due to
the missing accessory parts, but if I can get it working
well enough for the work I do I intend to hold onto
it and get rid of the other saw.
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That saw makes Unisaw, Grizzly, Powermatic, Sawstop, etc look like tabletop saws.
Hey Loren, what parts do you need? I think, if I recall, 5 or 6 similar sized saws sold here a few years back at an auction. 2 of them were copies of your saw. A man from Texas bought both the Tannys and other things and listed them on owwm. I'm pretty sure parts are around. Some local guys bought the Olivers. Forklift onto the trailer and they just called a wrecker to set them in their shops. $45
Good luck with that heavy metal.

I think of Tan's as industrial quality machines.
I don't think many small 1 and 2 man cabinet shops even own those babies.

I do think you will find parts easily enough. There are enough Tan's around, and so should the parts. Basic bearings etc… are off the shelf I would assume. It's things like a trunion arm if you broke the casting that are harder to find, but I would not think impossible.

GOOD LUCK AND I want to see a video of that thing in action.
Some idiot threw away or broke the u-shaped extension table,
the outside screw-on bearing mounts for the sliding table,
the quadrant and the 2nd miter gauge. The miter gauge
and quadrant I can live without, but the saw fence only
rips to about 8" without the extension table and the
sliding table teeters without the hold-down bearings.

If you know somebody who's got parts off some knackered
Tanny's I'm all ears.
24 days old on Craigslist in Orange County, looks like
a couple of saws, any how good luck Loren.
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Wow, that is a hefty saw. How much do think that weighs? Do you have that saw hanging on a chain hoist hooked to some sort of I Beam? I bet that monster will cut through anything.
Weighs about a ton I think, based on specs for the later
JS-250. It was lifted off the pallet with an engine hoist. I
only had it hanging in the air for a few minutes.
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