Veritas - Low-Angle Jack Plane (Rating: 5)

I just got this plane last week and put it through it's paces. One thing I noticed right away is that thick toe! The picture in the review is the BU Jointer next to the jack. The jack's toe is very thick because the entire front area adjusts (see picture). In the jointer, only a small area in front of the mouth adjusts.

In the jointer review, I complained about the uncomfortable tote, but for some reason, I don't notice it as much with the jack. I think this may partly be due to the weight, or maybe the jack is better balanced? I am not sure.

What I am sure about is that this plane is awesome. It is great as a shooting board plane. I also have a blade to use it as a smoother, and another blade with more camber as a jack. Swapping blades is very quick and easy. Only problem I have is that adjusting the blade is a little hard to do. Sometimes, when I move the blade in or out, the blade also moves laterally. I also have this problem with the jointer, but it's not too bad of a problem. Switching blades and adjusting it is still faster with this plane over a traditional bevel down plane (at least for me).

If I can only have one plane, this would definitely be it. I like this plane a lot!