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Jigsaw Ability

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I am planning of trying some bent lamination and am wondering if my jigsaw will be able to cut my MDF molds. The molds are 4" thick. My jigsaw is a 5.0 amp variable speed craftsman. Is that too much material for my jigsaw to cut through at one time? I don't have a bandsaw so I think a jigsaw is my best option. Thanks!
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Too much material for any jigsaw but a very pricey Mafell.

When I make molds, I make a pattern from something like 1/4"
hardboard which I screw to 3/4" layers and make a bunch
of duplicate layers from the pattern using a pattern copy bit
in a router. In your case, you would draw a line from the
pattern, jigsaw outside the line, screw the pattern to the
part and trim with the router.

Layers can be kept aligned when you glue them up by
driving positioning screws or air nails.
+1 Loren
Sounds like it would be overworked, even with a big blade (which are available) there are better options. First being a bandsaw, if you're good, you could use a reciprocating saw which would result in a surface that needed much sanding and most likely not square.
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