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A simple jig to keep my router on the straight and narrow when I need a straight line.

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Construction is simple. You need a factory edge from a sheet of plywood. I know I am making the assumption that the factory edge is straight, and NO, it is not accurate to +/- .0005, but then again, neither am I. Glue the fence on square to the factory edge. This is the most demanding part of constructing this jig.

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Voila, the jig is finished.

To use, place on a board that needs an edge to be sgtraight and square.
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Clamp both ends, and no, Rockler did not pay me for a product placement ad.

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Adjust a pattern bit in your router:

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Run the router along the factory straight edge and you get a nice clean straight cut.

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And it is Square!

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Nice entry into the contest. Much better than anything I could submit. GOOD LUCK!!!

Now if only I had the time, err, I mean motivation to make a jig. Perhaps I need more coffee!!!

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straight forward and very useful ham

in the boat yards we had a straight ply with formica face
and just clamp it to the bulkheads or cabinet parts where needed
as many boat parts don't have square edges
or can be run thru a saw easily

great jig
well done
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