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Jewellery box

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Another, better exposed than a duck without pants, under Projects...
How do I move it? or can I even move it….
Open new project. Then edit your forum post (top right cornerish)... Simply cut and paste all ASIS from forum (ctrl+a then ctrl+c) into the project (ctrl+v).

Then do a PREVIEW. In the project, gallery pictures are not viewable under PREVIEW (just the thumbnails).

Would recommend adding at least one new picture into the gallery (or delete from body and reload from PC)... or preferably a few unique ones.

Then after the project is saved, view it and get it's URL and replace the forum blog with some text like

"Moved to Projects"

highlite the text and tag it with the project link using the link button
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and save the updated OP (Original Post).


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Very nicely done Kerry, I'm sure the lucky recipient will cherish it always.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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