JET - 70412 12" Parallel Clamp, Jet 70431 31" Parallel Bar Clamp (Rating: 5)

I got a pair of 12" clamps last winter and they are really nice. I was using pipe clamps and was having trouble with my glue ups not staying flush. I was getting a lot of cup and would have to clamp some 2 X 2 on each end to stop it from happening. I got these clamps and now I don't have that problem. About a month ago I got a pair of 31" because the 12" where a little short for some of my glue ups. I really like them also. Really easy to move the movable jaw on the bar. Right now I am making some cutting boards and they are in the clamps. You can put a lot of pressure on the clamps and I have used both hands to tighting them up and have had no trouble with them cupping the glue up. I read a review from wood mag. and these where their top pick so that is why I got them.