JET - JWBS-14DX 14-Inch Bandsaw (Rating: 4)

So I picked this saw up from Overland Tool in Lenexa, Ks today. They let it go for $495.00. Amazon lists this saw for $969.00, so I feel like a found a pretty good deal. Anyway, got it home in 2 boxes, and upon opening, I saw that everything was in perfect condition. I have read reviews on other saws stating a 2-3 hour assembly time, so I figured this would be the same…..WRONG!!!!! Major props to JET here. I opened the box holding the base, and the motor was already mounted. I opened the box with the saw, and all was assembled, including the blade. I opened the hardware, and the assembly went as follows:

1- set base on floor
2- lifted saw out of box and placed on top of base
3- bolted saw to base with 4 included bolts/washers/lock washers/nuts
4- made sure drive pulleys aligned and installed drive belt
5- bolted trunion to saw with 2 included bolts/washers
6- installed table

As I said, the blade was already installed, and though the tension was released, it was properly set. The guides were pretty much set dead on, and the table took only a couple seconds to set square to the blade. So far, I have put in about 30 minutes assembly time. I rotated the wheels, and the blade tracked very nicely. So, after about 35 minutes, I grabbed a scrap of hickory firewood and cut a nice radius. Then I quickly resawed a small scrap of maple. The saw was sturdy, showed no vibration, and was nice and quite. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.

Now for my complaints…....the JET blade is not the greatest, though I expected this. It will do for now, but a better quality blade is in the very near future. Also, although the fit and finish was very good, the upper wheel did rub a little on the wheel cover door. I basically flexed the door cover slightly, and problem solved. Once again, I am very pleased after day one, and so far would recommend this saw to any friend.