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Jet JCDC-3 cyclone or Laguna C FLUX 3 dust collectors, which to get?

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Ive narrowed it down to these 2 and the costs are close but at the max on what i can spend for a DC. Who knows if the advertised CFM is anywhere close to accurate but the impeller is bigger on the Laguna, the amp draw is more and SP is higher so i can only assume that the Laguna is the more powerful machine. They also show how they come up with the CFM and SP and a chart, so that was helpful…sometimes the Jet stuff you have to dig for info, which is funny….ie: "Jet Cyclone's two stage separation provides more working CFM than comparable horsepower single stage units" and then proceeds not to tell you the CFM and you have to look elsewhere other than their website to find it…. says CFM is 1963 but in manual 1963 is EU method and not US method, so apples to apples CFM is only 1240 CFM vs 1624 with Laguna? So confusing when companies do this. Also the Jet lineup has a short cone setup which apparently isnt as efficient getting rid of only the fine dust to the small back bag and dumping the small bag occurs alot more than people would like from what ive seen… Like i said earlier id assume bigger impeller, bigger amp draw and higher SP would lend the Laguna tops on performance…downside is 2 yr laguna warranty vs Jet 5 yr and i have heard Laguna customer service can be shaky sometimes. Shop size is 30×30 but not using the whole shop….will have 2 mostly straight runs (using one run at a time not simultaniously) of about 20-25 ft with Y drops to machines, minimal use of flex hose only to the ports .

Laguna important stats:
Amps: 22 Amps
RPM: 3450
Shop Setting CFM*: 1624
Inlet CFM: 2817
Max Static Pressure (Inches of Water): 11.2″
Impeller/Fan Size: 15.5″
Inlet Diameters: 8″ by 4″ x 3 Ports
Drum Capacity: 46 Gal.

Jet stats
Amps: 13
Impeller size 15"
Air Flow
 8'' (CFM): 1963<br />Air Flow
8'' (FPM): 5609
US Method 1240 CFM (2102 m3/hr)
EU Method 1963 CFM (3327 m3/hr)
Max Static Pressure (Wc.): 8.9
Collection Drum Capacity (gal): 66
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I have had this model Jet for less than three years and so far am pleased. The Jet has an 8" main with 3 - 4" inlets. Works great with my system of 4" pvc. down one wall going to table saw and bandsaw with flex hose for tools on mobile bases: router table, jointer, planer and sander on flip top.

I'm still working on improving the system. I see the price has gone up since i bought in 2019.
In that price range you can get this (it's on sale).

Any reason you didnt consider Grizzly? I have owned several of their products, including a dust collector, and I am happy with them.

Good luck.
I have a couple of grizzly machines and I like them..good value but the dust collectors seem to be on the anemic side on performance and with shipping cost adding $229 most of the time you're paying the same or close to it for what you could get a better quality company's DC…just my 2 cents…but I had their bandsaw for a while and still run the 8" spiral parallelogram jointer.
In that price range you can get this (it s on sale).

Any reason you didnt consider Grizzly? I have owned several of their products, including a dust collector, and I am happy with them.

Good luck.

- Hazem
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