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Jet combo j/p price…!?

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In the market for a combo machine or an 8" jointer and planer.
Got a quote for a hammer a3-31 delivery in june and searched out a jet jjp12hh to my surprise the jet is $200 more, why!? Lower grade machine from what i can tell, and in past references wasn't near the hammer price. So am i missing something? For that matter grizzly is pricing themselves out also as i see it.

On a side note. Anyone have an a3-26 and wish they had the a3-31…
Seems like most have 8" jointers so why not a 10" jointer and planer?
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I've got the jet 12" J/P and really love it. It's got the helical head and it's amazing.
No slight to jet owners, at this point id like to have anything. Just the cumulative information dissuades me from the jet to the hammer, thats why I'm questioning the price.
I got mine from Equip sales and surplus. It was a pretty good price and free shipping.
I did a lot of reading on this subject before I bought and swapped the cutters in a DeWalt planer. My conclusion was separate machines are still better, but if space need be, I would spend the money for the Hammer.
Rikon makes or made a 10" j/p machine. Other makers have made them and still do but they are a European size and may not be available in the states.
Equipment sales and surplus list the jet at about $300 more than the hammer. Thats what i don't get. Comparably a few years ago that wasn't the case from what i can find.
Is there additional pieces that comes stock on the jet that have to be bought for the hammer?

Im hesitant about the combo machine, one reason is my dissatisfaction with other multi use things.
Is 10" enough capacity? Compared to an 8" jointer yes, and in the philosophy of matching the planer to the jointer the answer could be yes but….
I beat dead horses often, so i apologize if this is just that.
Combo machines can work well and save you money esp. if you're dead set on upgrading cutterheads since you'd only have one. One downside of a combo planer is the bed moves instead of the head which means if you use supports you'll have to readjust them every time you change height.
Water color said: "Is 10" enough capacity? Compared to an 8" jointer yes, and in the philosophy of matching the planer to the jointer the answer could be yes but…."

Watercolor, the Hammer A3-31 is a 12" macnine. If my memory serves me correctly, Hammer used to sell a 10" jointer/planer, but it is no longer on their web site. If the machine you are considering is a 10" model, you might want to pin the sales person down about the exact model he's talking about. If it's the old 10" machine, that would explain the price differential vis-a-vis the Jet machine.

I own an older model Hammer A3-31 with straight knives. It's a wonderfuil machine. I previously owned an Inca 10 1/4" Jointer planer. It was a lightweight machine built for the hobbyiest. I served me well for over 20 years and I built a lot of furniture with it. I had a chance to buy my Hammer from a friend who was moving across country and jumped on it. It is a very solid, powerful macbine. I love it. If I were buying new, I would spring for the helical head; but otherwise, I'm satisfied with my sraight-knife version. I don't know much about the Jet machine. I have seen them in my local Jet dealer's showroom and they look nice, but I'v never used one, so I can't compare it to the Hammer. All I can say is tha the Hammer is a serious machine built for serious woodworkers. I am very happy with mine.
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I was considering the a3-26 which is still on the website but after thinking about it the 12" would be a better idea. I was quoted a price for the a3-31 and found a new jet for sale ans the jet came in a few hundred dollars more. I havent seen anywhere were the jet beats the hammer price. Thats why im questioning the price increase.
It reassuring you saying that the hammer is a serious machine.
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