JET - 708480K JPS-30: 10-inch ProShop Table Saw 1-3/4-Horsepower 30-inch Rip Fence With Steel Wings (Rating: 4)

Jet 708480K JPS-30: 10-Inch ProShop Table saw 1-3/4-Horsepower 30-Inch Rip fence With Steel Wings

I have been woodworking for about 2 years now and felt it was time to spend the necessary dough to improve accuracy, cuts, rips, and broaden techniques. I spent a lot of time researching table saws based off cost, features, etc. I decided on this Jet for a handful of reasons:

•Cost: $799.00 through Amazon: Amazon allows you to finance certain large ticket items for 12 months same as cash. I threw in the universal mobile base ($99) because the saw is a heavy sucker. Delivery took about two weeks. It was well packaged and there was no damage to any part of the saw when it arrived.

•Horsepower and Electricity Use: I don't use many hardwoods so the strength of the motor wasn't as big of a factor for me though this saw can cut through most ¾in thick woods without strain. (I am not building anything with Ironwood anytime soon!) I do all of my woodworking in the garage with one 110 outlet. A larger saw motor I think would have continually blown out the fuse considering the other small tools and items plugged into a power strip. For a positive example, while having the air compressor re-filling and turning on the saw causes a momentary drain/strain but then both machines ran fine simultaneously without blowing the fuse.

•After market and ability to add on: The saw allows for the user to extend the out feed table to the right and behind the saw if you wish to. That is on my list and once that mini project is completed I will revisit this review. I have seen this done to this model and was pleased with what I saw (no pun intended). Further, Jet provides quality after-purchase service and most of after market table saw products I have seen can be used on it. The fence provided is heavy and clamps well along the wings preventing movement/shiftinh during cutting.

After it arrived, it took me about 3-4 hours from pulling it out of the respective boxes to fully assembled and operation. The directions are very clear and understandable. I recommend having a second person help get it upright once you have attached the legs. It is very heavy though it can be lifted, the legs will slide on the concrete once you reach a certain angle. I had to lift by myself because a friend canceled. So I had to put heavy blocks behind the legs, like tire blocks, to stop the legs from sliding as I lifted past that certain angle. The weight and the steel gave me a good feeling that is well built.

Getting the wings attached was a bit of a chore, but once those things are on there, they aren't moving which again I feel is a statement to its manufacturing. Attaching the measuring tape so that it is synched up/calibrated to the saw blade didn't take much effort but it did surprise me that I had to do it. I think, though, that this normal with table saws of this class, so I doubt Jet is the only one that does this. The provided saw blade has served it purposes well so far. I don't know much about blades just yet but it has proven a work horse with the amount of wood I have had it run through already. Also I forgot to mention earlier, when the saw is running it is a low hum which is nice because I do a lot of woodworking in the (5-8pm) evening hours and I don't want to disturb the neighbors with a high-pitched motor.

As for safety, the saw came with a miter and a plastic housing around the saw blade held by a riving knife saddled by two jagged teeth fins to prevent kick back. I feel very comfortable with this feature and it is easily removed/reinstalled depending on need. I did consider the SawStop product but it was just too darn expensive. Perhaps one day I will consider it when I can afford to drop that amount of money on a table saw. But in the meantime, focus, push blocks, the blade guard, riving knife, and anti-kick back teeth have provided the safety I desire.

For a hybrid saw under $800 I give it 4 out of 5 stars. I have seen an immediate improvement in my cuts and thereby the quality of my finished products. If I get into larger projects requiring strong motors, etc., then I may re-enter the table saw market but this Jet satisfies all of my cutting needs.