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Jet 18" Euro-Style Bandsaw for $700.00?!

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So, I've come across a Jet 18" Bandsaw loacally here, it's the eurostyle one… Originally the guy was asking $900 I've talked him down to $700.00…

I'm not sure if it's the model with the quick release tensioner, but it does have the fence/table/and 12" resaw capacity…

I'm about to go look at it and am unsure if I should take the plunge…. any negatives on this saw?
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model number? how old is it? where was it used ? how many hours on it?
Don't have the model number off hand but it is definately the JWBS-18 series… not sure if it's the -x or the -qt though… Used in a home shop

I bought almost all of my tools used. I never pay more than half price. If it is in showroom condition then it is worth half price. I just bought a VB-36 lathe with all the attachments and I paid about half price with the shipping charges. Use that as a guide and you should be OK.
Sounds like a good price to me.
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