JET - JWL-1642-EVS, 16" x 42" Wood Lathe, 1 1/2 HP (Rating: 5)

After 10 days of research and comparison I decided on a Jet . Many factors were resolved but the hangup was finding a lathe at the best price from a company that would give confidence in the purchase and the process. I wanted to save the $170 sales tax dollars too. So I got on line looking for the lathe. What I found was lots of companies that did not have the 1642 in stock. Finally, I found one on ebay (eqss1) and at a price 600 bucks less than anyone else. Too good to be true. Long story made short (er), I contacted Jet to verify the sell (Equipment Sales and Surplus, Auburn WA) was legit,--they were, and the seller has a 100% rating on ebay. So I pulled the trigger. I had some questions about shipping and determined to talk to someone, found the phone number of the seller and called them. Got answers to every question, a tracking number very quickly, and in the process found people who were eager to service the sale in the most considerate and accommodating way. So if you're interested in the JWL-1642-2EVS, 16" x 42" EVS PRO Wood Lathe, 2HP mod. 708360, check them out. My new lathe is coming soon and now I'm needing to buy some tools. Any suggestions, I'm thinking carbide tips. Worth the money?