JET - JWBS-14SFX (Rating: 5)

We ordered this saw from Rockler for $999 with free shipping from Jet. took about 2 1/2 weeks to get, but hey it was during an epidemic.

It comes in one box on a pallet and has a massive amount of styrofoam. We were able to lift the bottom up on a piece of styrofoam and add the base and feet then stand it up and walk it into position. The table(and fence) and one dust port were the only things to add. There was a small 4 inch piece of wood in the bag with the dust port… DO not throw it away or use it for a test cut! It is part of the dust collection system. It goes into a slot just below the lower blade guides. You slot it in with the saw running and it keeps the saw dust in that area to be picked up by the dust port.

We now have rack and pinion height adjustment and tool-less blade guide adjustment.

2 things that are new and pretty neat to me are the trap door and door locks. To get the higher resaw capacity the blade guides go up higher and the top of the blade guide holder (rack of rack and pinion) protrudes out the top of the body. The door locks (handles) are round and have an angled cutout that engages a pin on the doors and pulls them tight. there is foam all the way around the door as well.

The saw is pretty quite and runs very smooth so far. Nice solid machine with a large table.